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About me

After years of building computers, I took the dive into learning to write the software that runs on them by taking a college programming class and learning C++. From that, I fell in love with programming. I am a passionate Software Engineer who enjoys making a difference in people’s lives and loves solving problems no matter the size. I enjoy working on group projects and being part of a team, and am well organized and know how to manage my time effectively. I also enjoy learning new technologies.

Good, Better, Best. Never let it rest until good is better and better is best.

My Skills

A majority of my time each day goes into trying to expand and diversify what I know about programming. A new topic everyday continuously keeps my mind active and invigorated.










curriculum vitae


Software Engineering

Brigham Young University - Idaho

BYU-I is an private college that holds students to higher standards. They place students in roles where they will lead others through difficult projects. They have rigorous quarters that are fast paced and intense.


Software Engineer

November 2017 - Present

Worked on creating a responsive react frontend.
Initiated switching from a PHP backend to golang backend.
- Rsponsive React.js
- Golang restful api
- Postgresql

Teaching Assistant

App Academy, San Francisco

7 Months

April 2017 - October 2017

Taught students the fundamentals of Ruby, leading coding demos and teaching the process of how to break down complex problems into manageable steps. I always make a point to visit each day with each of my students to check in on their progress, which has lead to improved passing rates and a better teaching environment.


Team QualSpec

3 Years

July 2014 - Jan 2017

Created Inspection Isometrics to fill previously missing inspection data to fulfill State Requirements for Refinery Documentation, maintained the department's inspection database and maintained hard copies of inspection records.

Also was the safety representative for Team QualSpec in Phillips 66 RAPP program. Won Contractor of the Year 2 times for Team QualSpec at P66 Rodeo for improving safety with crews, and reviewing multiple safety protocols where management could improve.

Data Specialist


6 Years

July 2008 - July 2014

Meticulously maintained a relational SQL Database with over 100,000 entries and wrote/modified/ran queries when needed.


These are some of my favorite projects that I have made. Each one built on skills that I knew or forced me to develop new ones.

GitHub Profile
Tetris Demo

Tetris is a classic game from the 1980's where tiles(tetriminos), made up of 4 squares, are arranged into a row. It is implemented in ES6 using the new style of creating classes.

Live     GitHub

Prism Demo

Prism is a Chrome extension that simulates color-blindness when browsing the web. Users are able to select one of four different types of color-blindness in two degrees each (e.g., Protanopia and Protanomaly), effectively filtering all text, images, videos, backgrounds, and buttons on the current page.

Live     GitHub

Panda Note Demo
Panda Note

PandaNote is a full-stack single page web application inspired by Evernote. It implements the main features of Evernote. It utilizes Ruby on Rails on the backend, a PostgreSQL database, and React.js with a Redux architectural framework on the frontend.

Live     GitHub

React-jarb Demo

Just Another React Boilerplate (jarb) is an npm module developed to allow React/Redux users to quickly and easily set up the skeleton and boilerplate for a basic React/Redux framework. The package sets up a webpack configuration, downloads all necessary dependencies, creates an organized file system, and provides a working example of React/Redux site that can be edited and further built upon.

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Prism Demo
Active Record Lite

Active Record Lite is a example of how Rails' version of Active Record could be implemented. This project helped to instill the concept of meta programming.


Trip Planner Demo
Trip Planner

Trip Planner is a react/google maps api based web-app that finds the user’s current location and allows the user to drop several markers/pins down. Once a few markers are down it becomes possible to find the best route starting and ending from the current location to all the markers based on time.

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Now that you know a bit about me, I would LIKE to learn a bit about you! Please share any comments you have, or feel free to request further information.